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How our Guaranteed Financing Works.
Recently Poopycarcredit.com and CAC a 40 year old Company have partnered to offer the Best Guaranteed Financing in West Michigan

As mentioned above Poopycarcredit.com now offers 100% guaranteed credit approval. There is no such thing as a turn down and your credit "will be approved."

They have ten different Credit Tier Levels that range from 1 - 10, with 1 being the best.

Once your application is submitted into their Credit Approval Processing Systems (CAPS) an approval takes no longer than 15 seconds...How's that for fast?

CAPS uploads our inventory nightly and knows exactly what vehicles are available on the lot.

After you've received your approval, CAPS will then create a list of vehicles, on our lot, that will work for their program based on your application.

Now, if you had come to the lot knowing what vehicle you had wanted prior to getting your approval, then CAPS would tell us what requirements you'd need to meet in order to be able to make the deal.

It's all very simple and very quick.
Another excellent benefit of this partner ship, is that they do report your monthly loan payments to all three major credit reporting agencies, which means you will be able to build and/or rebuild your credit.

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Great Selection of Inventory to pick from

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Click to Link to view some of the available inventory.

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